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Explosion 1: Pre-game  Special



Friday ROCKtober 7th

Arguably the best modern harmonica player today!

Grammy Award Winner

Jason Ricci

Played at the Rock-and-Roll Hall of Fame, with the Paul Shaffer Orchestra, to play the part of Paul Butterfield for his induction (into the Hall of Fame) at the ceremony,” ~he's on top of his game!

Whiskey Island




Great Lakes Brew B-Q

with our

Thank You Thank YOU very much



Home of The
Labatts and Labatts Lite-the BIG BOYS - 16oz-Yea just 2 bucks too!
FireBalls are just $4  & so are  shots of Jameson.
Where everything is homemade Fresh and down right delicious!
1/2 Slab of Ribs with hand cut Fries and a Salad - JUST $9.99 (HH)
The BEST Homemade barbeque sauce- It's Sweet-Smokey-Spicy!!!
We pride ourselves on having the
Best Service
Best Food
at The Best Price in the neighborhood
+ Awesome Music! = Home of over 90-Grammy Winners!
So see us before during and after the tribe games.
In the Historic Caxton building just north of the stadium off Bolivar and east 9th;
WILBERTS-Bringing you over 120 years of Miller Hospitality to Cleveland!


Wilbert's Food & Music
812 Huron Avenue E.
Cleveland, Ohio 44115


All shows are all ages. 

Weekend shows (Fri.&Sat.)

start at 9:00 p.m. and

weekday shows start at

8:00 p.m. unless otherwise noted, with doors 2 hours

before show time. 

Dinner reservations are suggested. You can make

them by calling or texting me @ Text> 2163755966

If you leave a message make sure you leave your phone #, and we'll call you back with a reservation conformation, or better yet,-you can e-mail

us at


Dinner reservations must be made for at least an hour or more before show time. By 7pm week days and 8pm week ends

Thanks MM!

A website helping fans of concerts and events find hotels close to the
venues →



EVAN (my oldest son) AND GATEMOUTH!

Great Place for

a Party!

We'll cater to all your wants & needs!

Special Menus,

Open Bar/Cash Bar

Holiday & Cocktail Parties,

Receptions & Rehearsal Dinners, Wakes & Weddings, Retirements, Farewells, Etc…… We've done themAll Such as...

(Jane Scott's 75 B-Party!)

Mike Millers

Cell # 216.375.5966

e-mail wilberts812@sbcglobal.net

Delta Zeta Formal →

Thank you so much for all

of your services on

Saturday night. Everyone

had a blast and said the

food was amazing!! This

was the perfect place to

have our fall formal. Everything you have done

is greatly appreciated. Hopefully we can hold another event there soon.

I will definitely keep in

touch with you



Founders Centennial IPA

pours a clear amber with a medium,foamy, offwhite head - low 

to medium carbonation visible peach marmelade,mango,







grassy -finishes dry -medium to high bitterniss for the style 

medium carbonation -light to medium body -alcohol detectable 

A great IPA.

Great Lakes


Great Lakes Oktoberfest brewed by Great Lakes Brewing Co., With an ABV of 6.50% This brew pours out a deep brown amber color with a nice off white head. This brew has the look of most Oktoberfest brews on the , now I'm not saying that is a bad thing. The smell of Great Lakes Oktoberfest is rich with sweetness grains , malts and hops. This is a real inviting brew. There is a slight roasted smell to this brew. Now for the taste, it is rich with roasted grians and malts at first, then a nice mild ness of hops at the end. There is a lot going on in Great Lakes Oktoberfest. This Oktoberfest brew has a real nice balance to it, there is nothing overpowering about this brew. I can't get over how smooth this brew is, It's really hard to pick up on the 6.50% ABV in this brew. The mouth feel of Great Lakes Oktoberfest, is bold,rich,clean and smooth. Overall I'm giving Great Lakes Oktoberfest a 4.5 out of 5 . I would buy this brew again. Thank You Great Lakes Brewery.


Leinenkugel's Harvest Patch Shandy

Bring out the best of the season with our Leinenkugel’s Harvest Patch Shandy. It’s a traditional wheat beer that we blend with notes of nutmeg, allspice and clove for a flavor that reminds us of homemade pumpkin pie and pairs perfectly with fall. It’s the perfect pumpkin shandy to pick this season. For an added touch of fall flavor, try pairing it with spicy beef chili or caramel flan.


420 Extra Pale Ale 

Our most popular beer. 420 Extra Pale Ale is a tasty West Coast Style Pale Ale with a good hop feel to it and a crisp finish. First brewed on April 20th, 1997 this beer has developed quite the following in the Southeast. Drink em if you got em Medals: 2002 Silver Medal - Great American Beer Festival; 1997-2003 Creative Loafing - Readers and Critic’s Choice - Best Local Beer; Silver Medal winner at the 1998 World Beer Cup; Voted top ten beers in Atlanta by the Atlanta Journal Constitution


Portside Brewery

Marblehead Amber Ale

Marblehead lighthouse has been the longerst-operating lighthouse on the Great Lakes since it was built in 1821.  nestled into a natural limestone deposit on Lake Erie, it has long served as a beacon in the dark, to warn ships from running aground in the shallow body of water.  Coincidentally, this drinkable amber ale can be your guide through the hectic bustle of mdoern life.  It features low-level toasted mal and slightly sweet, full body, with a fruity hop finish.




This IPA pours a slightly hazy, pale orange with a balanced malt flavor and finishes with a wonderful flavor and aroma only American hops can provide. This beer is served unfiltered to retain all the bouquet from the hops

Platform Speed Merchant ipa

Pours a hazy orange/amber color without much head retention. The aroma is sharp of citra and amarillo hops. A touch of belgian yeast in it's smell also, but the aroma is truly dominated with big, juicy, citra hops. Flavor is big grapefruit rind with orange, lemon, and pineapple notes. Huge citrus fruit forward IPA. Medium-bodied. Solid mouthfeel and good carbonation.


Magners Irish Cider

Pours clear, deep orange with a reddish tint and a frothy film. Decent aroma, actually, with semi-ripe apples, some apple sauce. Medium sweet flavour with flinty notes, a slight artificial tang, juicy apples. Medium bodied with spritzy carbonation. Not nearly as bad as I had feared.


Thirsty Dog Twisted Kilt Scottish Al

Presentation: Very cool bottle in the traditional Thirsty Dog K-9 style with eye-catching graphics and font. Label gives IBU info and ABV info, a small description of the beer, web info, and a bit of brewery info. Appearance: Poured out of its 12oz bottle into a 16oz English Pint. Pours out a deep orange amber color that has just a slight haze to it. An aggressive pour lead to a 3 finger off white fluffy foam head of of a medium airy density. Excellent lacing. Head retention was 4min 58sec before fading to a thick airy coating and ring. Smell/Aroma: Smell is of sweet tasted caramel malts along with a slightly bready yeasty aroma. Hints of spiced fruit also hits the nose. Flavor/Taste: Taste starts out very bready with a slight fruitiness that turns to a toasted caramel malt flavor before finishing with a bit of a bitterness along with a toasted bread flavor. A nice toasty aftertaste is experienced. MouthFeel/Drinkability: Medium bodied and smooth with a slightly below average carbonation. Very drinkable, even chug-able. Overall/Comments: A very good Scottish Ale that is extremely tasty and smooth. Highly recommend trying this! Classified as a Scottish Ale @ 5.2% ABV.

Goodwood Louisville Lager

Goodwood Louisville Lager is the first and only beer brewed with 100% Kentucky-grown grains. And, in a tip of the cap to our Slugger-making neighbors downtown, white ash – common in baseball bats – is used to enhance brewing. This results in a light-bodied, perfectly balanced lager with a sweet finish delivered by those Kentucky grains.

Breckenridge Brewery

Vanilla Porter

Deep in the jungles of Papua New Guinea and Madagascar grows the perfect ingredient for an extraordinary Porter brewed in Colorado. Breckenridge Brewery's Vanilla Porter. An ale that has all the chocolate and roasted nut flavor of a classic Porter, with an enigmatic surprise thrown in for good measure.

Flying Dog Brewery

Raging Bitch Belgian-Style IPA

The color is a pretty orange-amber with a thick, creamy milk white head and lacing. The smell is fruity and hoppy but with a noticeable sweetness. This one starts with some sweetness: toffee, vanilla, and some sweet fruitiness, which quickly gives way to cloves, citrus, and a hoppy pine bitterness. This ale is well carbonated and it masks its 8.30 ABV quite well. Overall, it's an excellent example of a Belgian-style IPA; enough sweetness to make it interesting and refreshing.

Samuel Adams

Cold Snap

White Ale       

Stirring from the haze of winter, this refreshing unfiltered White Ale awakens its smooth wheat with the bright snap of spring spices. From the subtle sweetness of orange peel and plum to the peppery bite of fresh ground coriander, the blend of spices creates just the right refreshing kick to signal that spring is on its way.


Young's Double Chocolate Stout

The taste is a mix of Hershey/milk

chocolate, roasted

grain, light bitter coffee roast, and vanilla



A classic. Mainly

roasted malt, with a

touch of cream and

milk to it



The paradox of our

time in history is that

we have taller

buildings but shorter tempers, wider freeways,but narrower viewpoints. We spend more, but have less.

We buy more, but

enjoy less.

We have bigger

houses and smaller families, more conveniences, but less time. We have more degrees but less

sense, more

knowledge, but

less judgment, more experts, yet more problems, more

medicine, but less wellness.

We drink too much, smoke too much,

spend too recklessly, laugh too little,drive

too fast, get too angry, stay up too late, get up too tired, read too little, watch TV too much,

and pray too seldom.


have multiplied our possessions, but

reduced our values.

We talk too much, love too seldom, and hate

too often. We've

learned how to make a living, but not a life.

We've added years

to life not life to years.

We've been all the

way to the moon and back, but have trouble crossing the street to meet a new neighbor.

We conquered outer space but not inner space.

We've done larger

things, but not better things. We've cleaned

up the air, but polluted

the soul. We've conquered the atom,

but not our prejudice.

We write more, but

learn less. We plan

more, but accomplish less. We've learned to rush, but not to wait.

We build more

computers to hold

more information, to produce more copies

than ever, but we communicate less and less.

These are the times of fast foods and slow digestion, big men and small character, steep profits and shallow relationships. These

are the days of two incomes but more

divorce, fancier

houses, but broken homes.

These are days of

quick trips, disposable diapers, throwaway orality, one night

stands, overweight bodies, and pills that

do everything from

cheer, to quiet, to kill.

It is a time when there

is much in the

showroom window and nothing in the

stockroom. A time

when technology can bring this letter to you, and a time when you

can choose either to share this insight, or to just hit 'delete'.

Remember, spend

some time with your

loved ones, because

they are not going to

be around forever.

Remember, say a kind word to someone, who looks up to you in awe, because that little

person soon will grow

up and leave your side. Remember, to give a warm hug to the one

next to you, because

that is the only

treasure you can give

with your heart and it doesn't cost a cent.

Remember, to say,

"I love you" to your

partner and your loved ones, but most of all

mean it. A kiss and an embrace will mend hurt when it comes from

deep inside of you.Remember to hold hands and cherish the moment for someday

that person will not be there again.

Give time to love, give time to speak and give time to share the

precious thoughts in

your mind.

A Message by

George Carlin


We're always  open

before all Indians/Cav's home Monsters, Gladiators  Games or ALL Gateway Events..........with


-Labatt blue,Budweise, .Bud

Light, Coors light MGD, Miller Lite,

Miller high life,Rolling

Rock, PBR

$3- Microbrews-

Michelob Ultra,

Bud Lime, Great Lakes


Blue Moon,

Samuel Adams

Cherry, Grape, Jagger, Orange Bombs $3

$6 Irish



Right On!

-Tell your Friends!


Get It ToGo!!!


"When I went to school, they askedme what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down 'happy'. They told me I didn't understand the assignment, and I told them they didn't understand life."
John Lennon


Thursday September 29

Sonic Voyages Fest.

A Night of Progressive Rock

Starts @ 7:30

Violinist | Composer | Singer | Mandolinist | Guitarist | Educator

Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius

Led by electric violinist/vocalist Joe Deninzon (www.joedeninzon.com), who has been called “The Jimi Hendrix of the violin,” Stratospheerius has showcased their “frenzied mélange of alt-bluegrass, progressive rock, jazz fusion and funkabilly” throughout the world. The New York-based group has opened for Tim Reynolds, Mickey Hart, and John Scofield, among many others. Their live performances are filled with funky dance grooves, rip-roaring guitar/violin jams, and hooks that mix jazz, funk, rock with Gypsy influences. Stratospheerius was a winner of the John Lennon International Songwriting Competition, and was named “Best Jam Band” in the Musician’s Atlas Independent Music Awards. They have been featured in Relix, Downbeat, and Jazziz, among other publications. The group has just completed their fifth CD, “The Next World…” on Steve Vai’s Digital Nations label.

“…Violinist/singer Joe Deninzon presents us with this gift of hot songs from his rockin’ live shows. Think a bit of Zappa, the Dixie Dregs or Blues Traveler, with the violin being the focal point. Joe’s talents are flat out phenomenal, and the progressive rock tapestry he weaves around himself is carried out to perfection by his amazing band.”

“Deninzon shows how he has earned the nickname the “Jimi Hendrix of violin” as he tears threw a distortion heavy solo that points more in the direction of Guns N Roses’ Slash than Yo Yo Ma.” -Justin Scro www.cashboxmagazine.com

“Memorable hooks, gravity-defying instrumental prowess and a kitchen sink move toward rock… If Bela Fleck and Frank Zappa had a love child in outer space, they might grow up to sound like these guys do.”
-David Budin, www.coolcleveland.com


Modern Cinematic Progressive Rock


Modern Cinematic Progressive Rock
Original progressive rock - combines the best elements of the "Golden Age" of Prog, with modern cinematic melodic rock. The "Tribute" part of the show - performing classic British and North American progressive rock that you've heard on the radio.


What do you get when you take a bass player from the 70′s, a keyboard player from Juilliard, a musical savant playing guitar, two theatrical lead vocalists, and a drummer with progressive rock in his DNA? All veteran musicians? The new American modern progressive rock band Circuline.

Performing original and classic progressive rock, Circuline was founded in 2014 when former progressive rock tribute band Downing Grey members Andrew Colyer (keyboards, vocals), Bill Shannon (lead guitars, vocals), and Darin Brannon (drums, percussion) had a burning desire to write original material. Lead vocalists Billy Spillane (lead vocals) and Natalie Brown were up for the challenge, and Paul Ranieri (bass, bass pedals) was the latest member to join the band.

Featuring the music of:
Circuline | Genesis | Sound of Contact | Porcupine Tree | Yes | Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) | Emerson, Lake, & Palmer (ELP) | Evanescence | Gentle Giant | Jethro Tull | Kansas | King Crimson | Led Zeppelin | Peter Gabriel | Pink Floyd | Rush | Saga | Styx | U.K.



In 2011, Robert Richardson decided he wanted to write in the progressive rock style that he loved. Raised on the great prog of the past, his love for “King Crimson”, “Gentle Giant”, “Yes”, “Genesis” and “Pink Floyd” influenced this musical decision. Twenty years of recovery had given him the subject matter, the advantage of owning his own recording studio gave him the place to work, and Cell15 was born.

The idea of a concept album to tell the story of what happened from twenty years ago to the present served as the guide for where the music would go. The CD titled “Chapter One”, which was described as "Pink Floyd meets Kansas in a cutting-edge progressive rock concept" was released in September 2014.

Fresh from their recent performance at the up and coming RutzFest in Mechanicsburg PA, Cell 15 are Robert S Richardson - Keys & Vocals, Jon Pyle - Bass & Vocals, Jim Fagan - Guitar & Vocals, and Kevin Thomas - Drums & Vocals.


Tuesday October 5

Cav's First Pre-Season Game

Cavs vs Orlando

Live On Our Stage

from NBC's

"The Voice"

Singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist

from Birmingham, Alabama

Sarah Simmons

Singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Sarah Simmons is best known for competing on the 2013 season of NBC's The Voice vocal competition. A native of Birmingham, Alabama, Simmons grew up singing and by age 13 was touring the country with a musical theater group. When she was 15, Simmons' father gave her a guitar and she began writing and performing her own music. At age 20, Simmons began studying music at the Christian-based Visible Music College in Memphis, Tennessee -- for a degree she put on hold to appear on The Voice. While competing on The Voice, Simmons was coached by Maroon 5's Adam Levine and ultimately finished in the top eight. ~ Matt Collar


High Desert SOUL & FUNK | Reno, NV

The Sextones

The Sextones are a family of music renegades known for viciously executed soul compositions and white-knuckle driving funk. Fronted by the charismatic and soulful vocalist Mark Sexton - The Sextones' sound is a tip of the hat to the days of Tower of Power and Stevie Wonder while actively forging the path for a new generation of soul and funk. Based in the wild desert of Reno, NV, The Sextones continue to diligently craft their distinctive brand of soul with face-melting guitar parts, intricate bass-work, commanding drum rhythms, sticky Hammond B3 comping, brutally honest and heartfelt vocal acrobatics and a fearless and exciting stage performance.
In 2014 the original trio of Mark Sexton, bassist Alexander Korostinsky and drummer Daniel Weiss employed the talents of keyboard virtuoso Ryan Taylor to complete their musical family. Over the last 10 years, these young soul renegades have relentlessly toured the west coast gaining a multifarious group of loyal fans that help turn every show into an all-out funk dance party. The future has continued to get brighter for The Sextones as they have shared the stage with music heavyweights, Macy Gray, Charles Bradley, Dumpstaphunk, and their idols are starting to take notice. Festival appearances have included Railroad Earth's Hangtown Halloween Ball, Wanderlust and Brews Jazz & Funk Fest just to name a few. The release of their debut album later in 2016 will include a national tour and more regional support tours.
Formally known as Mark Sexton Band, their 2013 release, Young & Naïve, was mixed by none other than legendary drummer Alan Evans of Soulive. “It sounded great even before I got my hands on it”, explains Alan Evans, “that's what happens when you get great players playing great songs.” The album was recorded in Los Angeles by Emmy Award winning engineer Larold Rebhun. The group's new album was recorded at Prairie Sun Studios in Northern California and is set for release later this year.

Thursday October 6

The Official AMY SCHUMER Happy Hour

With The Best Specials DOWNTOWN!


$4 FireBalls & shots of LeBronJameson


1/2 Slab of Ribs & Fries + Salad = $9.99

Live on our stage

fellow singer/songwriters

Chris Darby & Nathaniel Seer

Chris Darby Born in rural Missouri and living most recently in Chicago, Chris Darby is a folk musician whose true home is anywhere his m usic takes him. Though his singing sometimes reaches the ferocious roar of a territorial lion and other times sinks to the gentle whisper of a wise sage, his vocal style embodies a rare emotional honesty which captures the full range and depth of his life experience. Likewise, his dynamic guitar playing gracefully shifts between hypnotic arpeggios and the building crescendo of an oncoming train. With several albums from his folk band Them Damn Kids behind him, he will hit the road as a solo artist in July 2010.

For the past few years, Chris has been anchored by a range of gritty day jobs, ranging from bike messenger, carpenter, and bus boy. While these jobs have provided him with the flexibility to pursue his musical passion, they have also grounded him and shaped his lyrical voice. In 2007, studying in depth a simple life which makes musical freedom possible, Chris hiked the length of the Appalachian trail, realizing that “things which once held sway in my life, simply did not matter anymore.” Worldly possessions, which he largely shuns, would only distract from his purpose. What matters to him most is music.

Much of Chris' musical development has taken place as the principle singer/songwriter of Them Damn Kids, a Chicago-based folk band. In an age where marketing is widely considered a key element for musical success, Them Damn Kids maintained a patient and old-fashioned approach to achieving success- relentless touring. The band has played over 300 live shows, from coffee shops to bars, from farmers markets to art centers. While the realities of life on the road have worn down many aspiring musicians, Chris has survived even overnight drives when the driver and all passengers fell asleep at the same time- and has emerged eager to play more.

Chris' commitment to music extends far beyond the interest of his own work and his own band. Since 2004, he has hosted a bi-monthly songwriter series, first in his own house and later in public venues. These showcases brought together various local and touring folk musicians, exposing them to new audiences. Chris has supported the touring artists, kindred spirits, with a place to stay and gas money collected via pass-the-hat from a growing list of folk enthusiasts in Chicago.

Much like a stalk of corn raised in the Midwestern heartland, sustained by scant nutrients and occasional sunlight, Chris is ready to be harvested and emerge as a solo artist to be consumed by folk enthusiasts across America.

Nathaniel Seer was born into a house of music. His mother and father calmed his disquiet each night by playing old vinyl recordings of Bach, Debussy, and Chopin. At age nine, Nathaniel found his voice while singing in a gospel choir. At age ten, he began a lifelong study of the violin.

Emerging from an adolescence spent performing in garage bands and symphony orchestras, Nathaniel discovered the music of Nick Drake and Nina Simone, Leonard Cohen and Jacques Brel. After hearing those artists, Nathaniel vowed his discipleship to song.

Nathaniel writes songs not easily wrangled to the ground by weighty description. Rather, these songs exist always in flight, between utterance and ear, and finally somewhere deep within the listener, unwavering.

Friday October 7

Grammy Awarded Winner

Won"Best Harmonica Player" Blues Music Awards

Blues Wax Magazine (Band of the Year)

arguably the best modern harmonica player today!

Jason Ricci

-"Instead of trying to be the next Little Walter via Estrin/Piazza/Wilson or blowing high-end speed harp like John Popper or Sugar Blue, Ricci relies on an individualistic style that has touches of his heroes, but more often is all Ricci." - Art Tipaldi (writer for Blues Revue Magazine and author of Sons of the Blues)"

Jason Ricci is one of the most popular harmonica players on the planet today. Listed in almost every top ten list of players on the internet today Jason Ricci is a polarizing force always in the spot light and on the tips of critics, artists and fans tongue's everywhere. Through two plus decades of endless touring, TV appearances, recordings and the internet Jason Ricci's style of playing is so revolutionary and influential that there exists an entire younger generation of players imitating his music, clothes, gear, and even stage presence. Nick named “Moon Cat” (a street name he once used in Nashville and New Orleans to avoid police detection) Jason has been an almost constant force for decades in the studio, festivals, club dates and press. Love him or hate him, through performing, singing, song writing, teaching, harmonica playing and activism in the fields of L.G.B.T., mental health and addiction, it is not an overstatement that this young, white, queer, skateboarding, punk rock loving, multiple convicted felony having Moon Cat from Maine is currently changing the world through music and education.

  • Jason was a featured performer on Johnny Winter's Grammy award winning CD ‘Step Back' (2014)
  • Has received multiple Blues Music Award Nominations 2009 – 2016, and won a Blues Music Award in 2010.
  • Featured performer at the Rock & Roll hall of fame with Zac Brown & Tom Morello for the Paul Butterfield Blues Band induction in 2015
  • Jason has worked and/or recorded with Junior Kimbrough, RL Burnside, Nick Curran, Walter Trout, Ana Popovic, Cedric Burnside, Joe Louis Walker, Peter Karp, Sue Foley, and many others.

-2014 Grammy Award for contribution/featured performer Johnny Winter's "Step Back"
-2010 Blues Music Award (Best Instrument Harmonica),
-2000 Mars Music National Harmonica Contest (1st place), -2009 Blues Wax Magazine (Band of the Year)

Saturday October 8

alternative indie pop rock from Saskatoon , Saskatchewan , CAN


Autopilot's original sound encompasses a wide range of musical influence while incorporating layers of guitar effects and dynamic drum beats. Unafraid to experiment with sound, the band's progressive style includes captivating pop hooks, memorable vocal lines, and out of the ordinary touches like a bow used on the guita

Sunday October 9

Opening @9:30am

With The Best Specials in The Neighborhood!

Cleveland Browns vs New England Patriots



Best Bloody Mary's $4 / Damn Delicious Mimosa $3


Breakfast Specials

Breakfast Burrito

Huevos Rancheros Breakfast Sandwich

Breakfast Quesadilla

French Toast Crème Brûlée


With The Best Specials DOWNTOWN!


$4 FireBalls & shots of LeBronJameson


1/2 Slab of Ribs & Fries + Salad = $9.99

Thursday October 13

BIG Something

From Burlington, North Carolina

Fusing elements of rock, pop, funk, jazz and hip hop, BIG Something takes listeners on a journey through a myriad of musical styles.

Named Best Rising Artist of 2014 by Live Music Daily , Big Something is one of the most exciting new bands to emerge from the Southeast. A 6 piece powerhouse with a sound that is both unique and timeless, BIG Something fuses elements of rock, pop, funk, and improvisation to take listeners on a journey through a myriad of musical styles. Soaring guitars, synths, horns and alluring vocal hooks rise to the top of their infectious collection of songs and represent a sound that has caught the ears of such revered Summer circuit stalwarts as Galactic, moe., Robert Randolph, and even The B52s who have all tapped Big Something as direct support.

The group recently released its 3 rd full-length studio album - Truth Serum - with the help of Grammy-nominated producer John Custer. Recorded almost entirely live in the studio, Truth Serum , is a great snapshot of the magic the band is capable of creating on stage. The album was named 2014 Album of the Year by The Homegrown Music Network, which makes Big Something the only band ever to win this award 3 times with 3 different releases (2010, 2013, and 2014). Truth Serum is available to stream for free in its entirety at: www.bigsomething.bandcamp.com

Friday Rocktober 14

Cleveland Monsters Home Opener Party!!!


Reggae New York, NY

Predator Dub Assassins

P-Dub is a New York City based artist who has developed a unique brand of contemporary music fusing Hip Hop and RnB with Pop and Reggae elements.?Since 2005, P-Dub and his group Predator Dub Assassins have released 6 full length albums: "Predator Dub Assassins" (2005), “The Hardest” (2007), “East Coast Dub Cartel Volume One” (2008), ”Fully Qualified” (2009), P-Dub's solo debut “Frontline” (2010) and "Last Band Standing" (2012). The group made an appearance on the hit TV series “American Chopper” in 2009, and supplied music for other popular TV programs on the Food and Fuel TV networks. The group has also released a number of independently produced music videos.
P-Dub is a New York City based artist who has developed a unique brand of contemporary music fusing Hip Hop and RnB with Pop and Reggae elements.?Since 2005, P-Dub and his group Predator Dub Assassins have released 6 full length albums: "Predator Dub Assassins" (2005), “The Hardest” (2007), “East Coast Dub Cartel Volume One” (2008), ”Fully Qualified” (2009), P-Dub's solo debut “Frontline” (2010) and "Last Band Standing" (2012). The group made an appearance on the hit TV series “American Chopper” in 2009, and supplied music for other popular TV programs on the Food and Fuel TV networks. The group has also released a number of independently produced music videos.
As a singer, songwriter, and producer, P-Dub has worked with a diverse range of artists including: Akon,Twista, Trina, Sean Kingston, FloRida, Collie Buddz, Dipset/The Diplomats, Pharoahe Monch, French Montana, Jadakiss, Three 6 Mafia, Paul Wall, Buju Banton, Maxi Priest, Wayne Wonder, Juicy J, Ace Hood and others. He has also appeared on some of the same albums as pop luminaries Lady Gaga, P-Diddy, Trey Songs, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, and Lil' Wayne, seeing a #1 Independent (Billboard), #2 Rap (Billboard), #4 Hip Hop/RnB (Billboard), and two top 10 albums on iTunes (reggae) in the process.


opening at 9pm

Original American Rock'n Blues from Saint Louis MO (Soulard)

Jeremiah Johnson Band

Jeremiah Johnson Born and raised in St. Louis, Jeremiah Johnson is the voice of Mississippi River blues blending with the struggles of everyday life. He began learning guitar at age 6, drawing inspiration from his rich St. Louis blues heritage and legendary guitarists, like Alvin Lee, Eric Clapton and Hank Williams Sr. and Jr. With these influences, Johnson began building his musical foundation. After relocating to Houston, TX, in 1999, Johnson finished in first place for three consecutive years at the Houston Regional Blues Challenges, sponsored by the Houston Blues Society. During his 10 years there, Johnson merged Texas style with St. Louis blues to create the unique sound you hear today. In 2011, Johnson was the proud winner of the St. Louis Blues Society IBC Challenge and went on to the semifinals to represent St. Louis in Memphis, TN. One year later, Sirius XM's B.B. King’s Bluesville picked up the Jeremiah Johnson Band, where they can be heard nationwide, as well as on Touch Tunes Jukeboxes in bars and clubs and on radio stations across the country. Boasting a five album discography, Johnson performs with Benet Schaeffer (drums), and longtime band mate Jeff Girardier (bass), bringing the Jeremiah Johnson Band to its rockin’ bluesy peak. Grind, Johnson’s latest CD, produced by Devon Allman, features Grammy award winner Yonrico Scott on drums. Grind has been featured on SiriusXM's B.B. King’s Bluesville, and on the international radio show “Confessing the Blues”, broadcasting on 50 stations in 10 countries worldwide. Grind reached the #8 slot on the Billboard Blues Charts the week of November 7th, 2015. In September 2014, Johnson filmed his docu-concert, Ride the Blues, directed by Australian Producer/Director Gary Glenn, at the historic Capitol Theater in downtown Burlington, IA. The film is live music video about Johnson’s rise to prominence, featuring intimate interview segments, still photography, guitar solos and stunning vocals. Donations from concert attendees were generously given to the theater and to the National Blues Museum, connecting Johnson’s roles of musician and music advocate. JJB is currently recording a new album with Connor Ray Music, scheduled to come out this Spring. jeff Girardier The history of Jeremiah Johnson and bassist Jeff Girardier is all on CD. From their first recording in 1999 to Grind, Johnson’s recent studio album, these two bring out the best in each other. Born and raised in Sullivan, MO., Girardier has been a lifelong musician. After starting with the saxophone in the 5th grade, he began teaching himself guitar at age 14. He was offered a music scholarship to East Central College in Union, MO., under the stipulation he took bass and piano lessons. Even with his extensive musical background, Girardier always felt a connection to the bass. Johnson and Girardier met through a mutual friend in 1994. After supporting Johnson by attending live shows, Girardier was invited to fill in one night for the current bassist. The rest is history. Grind was the recording debut of Girardier’s newest guitar, a 1973 Fender Precision bass. This particular guitar gives off a unique tone, contributing the JJB’s overall sound. Benet Schaeffer Jeremiah Johnson Band drummer, Benet Schaeffer, is the newest but most seasoned member of the band. He contributes his multitude of expertise to steer the band toward their common goal of performing nationally and internationally.
Schaeffer grew up in the LaClede Town neighborhood of St. Louis, a groundbreaking community that created models for future integrated urban housing. This district produced numerous creative minds and boasts visits from Mick Jagger and Eric Clapton. At age five, he knew he was destined to be a percussionist, thanks to the inspiration of Ringo Starr. He was exposed to an eclectic variety of music, including blues, jazz, soul, classical, Irish, Israeli and African, and of course lots of rock ‘n’ roll. Schaeffer describes himself as a ‘mostly self-taught’ musician. He learned the most by watching and listening to other performers. He was later mentored by the late Billy Gayles, a previous drummer for Ike and Tina Turner. Schaeffer became the newest member of the Jeremiah Johnson Band after covering for their former drummer at a benefit at BB's Jazz, Blues and Soups.

Saturday October 15

Blues Music Award Winner - Bassist of the Year



"Bounding Energy and Funk....Loaded with Charisma!" -Southwest Blues Magazine "

    Born and raised on the south side of Chicago by his Grandmother; he was given his childhood nickname, Biscuit, after always being in the kitchen and underfoot while she was trying to cook. Growing up at Grandma's house also gave Biscuit his love and appreciation for music, as gospel and soul were played in the home on a regular basis.

      While visiting his friend Datrick's house one afternoon, Biscuit spotted a four string electric bass sitting in a corner collecting dust and decided to check it out. The bass belonged to Datrick's older brother, Darnell, who taught him a couple of songs. Biscuit took to it like a fish in water, “It was easy to play and I fell in love with it immediately”. So at the tender age of eleven years old, Biscuit Miller was born into the “Blues”. It didn't take long until he formed his first band, Clever, with Ivan Wallace, his childhood friend. They moved to Minneapolis in 1982 where Sonny Rogers taught him a lot about playing basic blues. During his time with Rogers, they recorded “They Call Me the Cat Daddy”, which won Rogers a Handy Award for Best New Artist. Unfortunately, Sonny passed away before he was able to accept the award. Biscuit then went on to play with other respected blues artists such as, Mojo Buford (formerly with Muddy Waters) and Lady Blue (backup vocalist for Ike and Tina Turner).

      One day, Biscuit received a phone call requesting him to come back home to sub for Chicago's own legendary Lonnie Brooks who needed a bass player for one night. That one night lasted for over ten years as Biscuit became the permanent bass player for the Lonnie Brooks Band. “The years I spent with Lonnie were invaluable to me as a musician. I learned so much about the music business and being on the road – we played some incredible gigs such as President Clinton's inauguration and I met and performed with many of my own idols while traveling with Lonnie and the band. During the winter months, we didn't tour as much, so I spent time sitting in with various musicians and in 2000 I formed Biscuit and the Mix to fill up some of the down-time”. During this time, he recorded a CD “Come Together”. One of the bands Biscuit frequently sat in with was the up and coming Anthony Gomes Band. During one of those sessions, he was asked to join the band full time and he decided to take Anthony up on his offer. During the five years with the Anthony Gomes Band, they released five CD's, Unity, Sweet Stringin' Soul, Long Way Home, Music is the Medicine, and the latest, Live at the Triple Door. 

      A heavy touring schedule of over 250 gigs a year in the US and abroad have led to a dedicated fan base. In 2012 Biscuit's fun and funky style of bass playing earned him the Blues Music Award for Bassist of the Year. He also took 2nd place in the bassist category in the Blues Matters International Writers Poll. Biscuit Miller and The Mix are once again on the road with his latest CD “BLUES WITH A SMILE” and ready to bring a smorgasbord of fun to your party. What's better than a bowlful of Soulful, Funky Blues stew? A pipin' hot Biscuit, of course! 
By:  Doris Paddack

P.S.  Biscuit has now confessed that his nickname comes from a little more than simply being "underfoot" while his grandma was cooking.  The true story is that while she wasn't looking, he snuck in the kitchen and devoured an entire pan of biscuits by himself!  When Grandma discovered what he had done, she dubbed him by his now famous name.  And that - is why he is aptly nicknamed - "BISCUIT"!

Wednesday October 19


a combination of Tom Waits' lyrical wit and Keith Richards slinky country-rock hooks joined with K's unique, compelling vocal delivery!


K Phillips

K Phillips' life could be a Country song.  He looks like a young Hank Williams and was named after Kris Kristofferson. Born in West Texas and raised by his grandparents in the Concho Valley, K's grandfather was both a cattle rancher and a state criminal court judge. He started playing guitar and writing songs at age 5 and began playing organ and piano in bar bands at age 14. When K was 18 both his close friend and girlfriend died in separate drowning accidents. Reeling from these losses, he made the decision to pursue his own music. On his forth-coming sophomore LP Dirty Wonder , K has truly found his voice – a combination of Tom Waits' lyrical wit and Keith Richards' slinky country-rock hooks joined with K's unique, compelling vocal delivery.

  • ““If you don't know K Phillips, you should start now. One of the best acts at SXSW"” — No Depression
  • "K Phillips takes us into the Delta, keeps us in the bounty of Texas and then we get right on into Motown, where things bump and grind in his own strange way….He's a sick player and a cool, skilled vocalist, able to mix everything up in to what emotion is most needed for the mood." — Sean Moller, Daytrotter
  • "Texas native K Phillips has been one of America's best kept secrets for the last half decade. This summer the storyteller moved to Nashville - to a place in which people understand excellence. There, his ramshackle, country vibe comes off exactly as intended. Cautiously perfect. Righteously cool.” — Ryan's Smashing Life
  • "The man possesses the coolest and most soulful Americana I've heard in a long time.” — San Antonio Current
  • ““Phillips' melds the grit of Americana with the rebellious and passionate sounds of rock and soul. From women and family to pop culture and religion, nothing is lyrically off limits.”” — Texas Lutheran University

Thursday Rocktober 20

Winners of the Maple Blues Award for New Artist of the Year


Best Canadian Blues Rock Album

Murray Kinsley &

Wicked Grin


Murray Kinsley & Wicked Grin are an Ottawa based original roots rock/blues band. Their sophomore album, Shame On Me (2013) was released to critical acclaim and wide-spread airplay in North America. The band received the 2014 Maple Blues Award for Best New Group. Shame On Me was named Best Canadian Blues Rock Album of 2014 and 2015 by The Blues Underground Network. In 2014/15 Murray Kinsley & Wicked Grin performed major festivals, toured Western and Eastern Canada.  Bassist Leigh-Anne Stanton received the 2015 Maple Blues Award for Bassist of the Year. Murray Kinsley & Wicked Grin will be touring Western Canada in early spring 2016, Eastern Canada in spring 2016 and the US in fall 2016.


  • 2014 Maple Blues Award – Best New Group
  • 2015 Maple Blues Award – Bassist of The Year (Leigh-Anne Stanton)
  • 2015 Blues Rock Album of the Year (Stormy Water) – The Blues Underground Network
  • Top 20 2015 Canadian Blues Albums – Brent Morrison – Rockin' Blues Show
  • 2014 Runner-up – Toronto Blues Society New Talent Search
  • 2014 Blues Rock Album of the Year (Shame On Me) – The Blues Underground Network
  • 2014 Winner Ottawa Blues Society's Road To Memphis Challenge


Friday October 21



Band from the West Suburbs of Chicago. Our influences are Plain White T's, Taylor Swift, The Script, and All Time Low. This year we're touring to different cities each month, and currently in the process of writing a new album with our friend Tom from the Plain White T's! Come see us at a show! Check our dates for a city near you!


Saturday October 22


The 7th Annual ~ Halloween Party

Sunday October 23

Wednesday November 9

The Definitive Jimi Hendrix Re- Experience!


Through meticulously detailed and historically accurate look and sound re-creations of Jimi Hendrix's performances, KISS THE SKY transports fans back to Hendrix most classic concerts & iconic stage shows. Fronted by Jimy Bleu the longest running Hendrix  artist in the world, Mr. Bleu boasts Jimi's landmark left handed, behind his back playing virtuoso guitar skills.


Friday November 11

Instrumental Rock~blending blues, jazz, funk, some electronic and rock from Charleston, WV


began with the idea to take instrumental music, imagined with non-traditional ideas, and push the barriers of conventional music. The result is a blending blues, jazz, funk, some electronic and rock. This fusion is approachable with a tasty experimental vibe. Focused on building a strong regional following, the band spent the last several years touring and evolving its sound. Trielement has been described as a “tightly ran progressive trio” with “instrumental music that keeps your attention.” The newest, self-titled release, was recor ded at Fish Bowl Recording, mixed and mastered by Aaron Fisher. This new release (2016) captures a slight change in direction but continues the musically experimental open-mindedness of the band. Trielement completed a small March 2016 tour with Neil Zaza, and as shared the stage with The Aristocrats, Sean O'Bryan Smith, and Soften the Glare to name a few.  
TriElement is:

Kenny Booth - guitar
Joey Lafferty - bass
Dave Roberts - drums/synth programming


Rock / Progressive / Psychedelic from CLE

The Rick Ray Band


Monday November 14

Open Mic Nite

Dr Scott as Your Host

We have full backline and a professional Sound system an operator. This an open mic open to artist of all-comedy, Poets as well as Singer Song writers!

HOSTED BY  DR. SCOTT'S  ELECTRIC HAIR BRUSH,  2nd Monday each month  Will be hosting is Wilbert's monthly Open Mic Night designed for acoustic talent & short stand up comic performances

Check in starts @ 6pm

Saturday November 19

THE Blues Event Of The Year!

Blues Supergroup





with drummer WES STARR and bassist RW GRIGSBY

The Golden State/Lone Star Revue is an all-star, cross-country melding of musicians from California -- Mark Hummel (harp-blower, vocalist, bandleader and Grammy nominee), Little Charlie Baty (ex-Nightcats bandleader and guitar hero) and RW Grigsby (bassist) -- and Texans Anson Funderburgh (guitarist and Rockets bandleader) and Wes Starr (famed Austin drummer who has played with a who's who of Texas music royalty).

Hummel's Blues Award nominated release; "The Hustle Is Really On", features the GS/LS Revue, which has just completed a new recording for 2016 release. Besides producing and playing on Blind Pig's "Remembering Little Walter" with Charlie Musselwhite, Billy Boy Arnold, Sugar Ray Norcia, James Harman, Little Charlie Baty, Nathan James, June Core & RW Grigsby, the CD was nominated for a Grammy Award and has recently won Best Blues Album & Best Traditional Blues Album of the year at the Blues Music Awards in Memphis, TN.

Hummel's latest CD on ElectroFi "The Hustle Is Really On" just placed #2 on Living Blues Radio and features the Golden State/Lone Star project.

" When this trio of pilots took it for a spin, it soared and rocked, powered by electricity and an elite crew who make flying the blues-friendly skies a reality, not a catchphrase. " Grant Britt - BLUES MUSIC MAGAZINE

" On the "Hustle Is Really On", Hummel and his co-conspirators invoke the spirit of these greats with plenty of verve and chops to spare. " Michael Cote - BLUES MUSIC MAGAZINE

" Mark Hummel came of age in the early 70s, at the height of rock and roll,like many of his peers went and bought a harmonica and hasn't stopped playing since. A specialist in West Coast Blues he's a seasoned showman who knows more than a thing or two about how to please an audience. " - THE NEW YORKER

LITTLE CHARLIE BATY - is the former leader and masterful guitarist from Alligator Records recording act"Litle Charlie & the Nightcats". Charlie and the Nightcats have recorded 12 albums on Alligator and have been one of the West Coast's most successful blues acts, touring the globe for over 25 years. They've played every major Festival you can think of and every blues joint from Maine to Spain.

Guitar World declares, "Baty's straight blues playing is eye-popping...he stretches solos to the breaking point, skittering on the edge, where one wrong note will bring the whole thing crashing down." "Little Charlie Baty plays as much guitar as Eric Clapton and Buddy Guy put together," raves The Village Voice. "He is one of the swiftest, most fluent guitarists working in any genre".

ANSON FUNDERBURGH - Born in 1954, Anson Funderburgh hails from Plano,Texas, where the youngster first picked up guitar. In high school, he got bit by the blues bug through Jimmy Reed and Lightning Hopkins. By 1978, he started Anson & The Rockets with vocalist/harp player Darrell Nulisch, and the group was signed by Black Top Records a couple years later. In 1986, Nulisch was replaced by Blind Sam Myers who stayed until his death in 2006. The Rockets went on to win 10 Handy?s.

After Myer's death, Funderburgh took a seven-year hiatus from performing to devote to his new family. In 2011, Funderburgh resumed performing with both The Rockets and the Eric Lindell Band. The latter part of 2012 saw the first of many tours of the Golden State/Lone Star Revue. Funderburgh has played with Delbert McClinton (and joins his Sandy Beaches Cruise every year), Boz Scaggs, Snooks Eaglin, Grady Gaines, Earl King and Jimmy Buffett. Funderburgh is also the inspiration for Beavis (Beavis & Butthead); former bassist and creator of the characters, Mike Judge, worked as a Rocket for three years.

Rounding out the GOLDEN STATE-LONE STAR Revue are RW GRIGSBY on bass & famed Texas drummer WES STARR (Anson And The Rockets. Between these two old Rome, GA cronies, they've played with a who's who of famed musicians - Omar & the Howlers, Jr. Brown, Jimmy Vaughn, Asleep At The Wheel, Gary Primich, Kim Wilson, Mike Morgan, Carlene Carter, Hal Ketchum, Earl King, James Cotton & many more!

""they just might be the best blues band going." (Kent Wolgamott/Lincoln Journal-Star)

"a stunning piece of work from start to finish…There is no jockeying for position here despite the formidable talent…Hummel handles lead vocals and is the featured soloist more often than not, but Baty's swinging, sophisticated guitar lines…and Funderburgh's more aggressive and stinging--but always tasteful--approach anchor every song on which they appear. From the swinging, mid-tempo 'Midnight Hour'…to the closing 'End Of The World', an extended slow blues with ominous undertones that are reinforced by the sound of police sirens looping in the background, these artists display a chemistry that evinces their decades of experience touring and performing with some of the top names in the genre…rhythm section deserves special mention…They seem to have scratched the surface of their creative potential--here's hoping this collaboration will endure well into the future." (Roger Gatchet/Living Blues)

""harmonica monster Mark Hummel, of the Blues Survivors, and Little Charlie Baty, monster guitar man from the Nightcats, have teamed up with some other monsters.  Anson Funderburgh of the legendary Texas band, the Rockets, an all star Austin rhythm section.  The result is a California Texas super band...Tasty yet nasty, smooth yet rough, suave boogie woogie for every kind of bootie." (BluesMobile)

"The road from Texas to California runs right through T-Bone Walker, no detours about it. Since Walker packed his guitar and moved there in the 1940's, what is termed as West Coast Blues revolves around a style he defined. Golden State Lone Star Blues Revue is a blues ensemble founded by harmonica player and singer Mark Hummel, featuring guitarists Anson Funderburgh, and Little Charlie Baty. All respected instrumentalists in their own right, this collaboration is a premium showcase of West Coast Blues. ...the guitar interplay is tasteful and they give each other room. The spotlight of course will shine on Hummel as vocalist, but he wisely integrates himself in the band for the reliable blues band situation. As this music continues its generational journey, the Golden State Lone Star Blues Revue represent the contemporary keepers of the flame, assuring the blues will never die." (James Nadal/All About Jazz)

"Harp heavyweight Mark Hummel has assembled a blues supergroup and the 14 titanic tracks here, recorded at Kid Andersen's Greaseland Studio in San Jose, Ca., will knock your socks off. Joining Hummel for these invigorating performances are guitar greats Anson Funderburgh and Little Charlie Baty, plus drummer Wes Starr and bassist R.W. Grigsby. Romping through a variety of blues styles, there's joy and exuberance in every measure...Pure gold." (Paul Freeman/Pop Culture Classics)

""Though described as a blues 'supergroup', this fivesome-plus refreshingly displays none of the showboating or excess such a tag can suggest.  With guitar giants Anson Funderburgh and 'Little' Charlie Baty in tow, master blues harp craftsman Mark Hummel fronts a lineup which lays down a set of blues as rock-solid as each of their individual resumes...Hummel's originals, including 'Cool To Be Your Fool”', 'Lucky Kewpie Doll' and the haunting 'End Of The World' mesh well with well-selected covers such as Mose Allison's 'Stop This World'. Keyboardist Jim Pugh stands out as a guest artist." (Duane Verh/Roots Music Report)

"Baty's fast fingered jazz style of playing is pitted against Funderburgh's smoother, fluid lines and the two play off each other wonderfully...The results are not as much a series of spotlighted solos or a guitar heaven that you might have envisioned.  You can expect to hear that live (and I just did recently) but here the playing is more democratic and ensemble oriented with short, crisp solos.  ...These guys are all veteran bluesmen playing what noted critic Dick Shurman dubs 'Real Deal Blues.'" (Jim Hynes/Elmore)

"the guys have a sound as big as their combined resumes that shines on cuts like a buoyant cover of Clarence 'Gatemouth' Brown's 'Midnight Hour,' Lowell Fulson's sassy 'Check Yourself' and Hummel originals like the swinging 'Cool to Be Your Fool,' the twangy and appropriately '50s-leaning 'Lucky Kewpie Doll' and the very slow and smoky 'End of the World.' Guest players on sax, piano and organ help out the all-stars throughout." (Kevin Wierzbicki/antiMusic)

"...Top notch from start to finish, skip this one at your peril." (Mark Smith/Music Revue)

""This is a terrific revue and reports of their shows seems consistent with the music here. The performances are marvelously performed and backed by an excellent rhythm section. Fans of real deal blues are in for a treat with this gem." (Ron Weinstock/In A Blue Mood)

" true blues supergroup crackling with energy and artistry." (B.J. Huchtemann/The Reader)

"Pick Hit...the music here lives up to my lofty expectations... a fine, fine album." (Bill Mitchell/BluesBytes)

"A total modern blues super group, if this doesn't get you fist pumping and jumping around, you better check your pulse to make sure you still have one.  With Mark Hummel and Anson Funderburgh leading the charge, you know you're in good hands...Hot stuff throughout." (Chris Spector/Midwest Record Review)

"terrific! ...This is an excellent release with more joint contributions and only a few individual blow out solos making it walk like a silent giant." (Bman's Blues Report)

> "great bluesmen from California and Texas - including Mark Hummel and Anson Funderburgh…This is authentically, real blues music.  Dig it!" (Joe Wolfe-Mazares/Ear To The Ground)

Tuesday December 13

Happy Hour with

Singer/Songwriter & front man for Alt-Rock/Americana act Wounded Knee

Marc Delgado

Marc Delgado is a Singer/Songwriter & front man for Alt-Rock/Americana act Wounded Knee. When not writing, recording & performing with the band, Marc tours endlessly as a Solo act. In the past year & a half Delgado has played well over 200 Solo shows. His songs are eclectic & unexpected & deal with characters trying to make sense of The American Landscape


FYI-All shows are all ages and the kitchen is open until I go home!

→and remember To be nice & Have A GOOD Time!←

WILBERT'S is Great Music + Delicious food In An Intimate Setting = What a Concept!